Day 65: The End

Wow! The course has now come to an end. Just over two months of intensive learning coupled with experiences (and heartache!) that will indeed last a lifetime. I do feel bad for not actually blogging over the last few days of the course to get the best out of it, but well, the blog before this will explain a lot on my state of being. On that, Witbank does have a real odd drinking culture seeing that the bar at the Casino on a Monday night was really full! Oh well, better that than drinking alone!

Well, what can I actually say in conclusion here – the course was brilliant hey. I think the main issue was coming into the course with a really good frame of mind and expecting things to be different and, well, embracing the difference rather than shunning them and feeling all sorry for myself. I guess the fact that I did go back home every weekend did help my sanity whereas the people that stayed here for the entire course would have had a totally different experience especially with the non-activity of the weekends. But hey, I went out there and I did enjoy every minute of this life less ordinary.

The work was real important though and the knowledge that I have gained about the Auxiliary Plant, Boiler, Turbine and Electrical Reticulation is of such high value and importance. Oh yeah – I did learn that actually finding any usable information on a power plant is impossible using the internet! HAHA! But, well, that is what libraries are for and the immense scale that power generation is built upon would warrant it necessary for people to actually not allow public content to be available.

Today was the final presentations that we did. Mine was on Water Separation in the Boiler Drum. I think I should upload the presentation somewhere or even write my next blog on the operation of it! It was a bit more exciting than it sounds and a little quirk, the spelling of “separation” with the two A’s was a total mindboggler for me! I still type it out with a single A and E after the P. And to think, I’m such a spelling Nazi under normal circumstances. Anyway, the presentation went brilliantly and actually taught me the power of practice. It was the first time that I stood in front of a mirror and practiced around five times before calling it a night. That practice gives you such confidence and just increases your knowledge to a level that makes the actual presentation a breeze. Then again, I am now used to presenting in front of knowledgeable crowds.

I am going to miss Eskom Park and Duvha though – the atmosphere was so laid back and, well, the Kitchen staff provided such, well, memories! As I detailed in a blog earlier, they were just unable to fathom that only vegetables could be eaten as a whole meal! I will miss it all though with the Witbank way of life now but a memory. But as I drive back down the N12 today for seemingly the last time, I will have a smile on my face and in my brain that reminds me of this experience that I will cherish (yes, I said cherish) for years to come…