I listen to Heavy Metal and take death and destruction wherever I go

I believe Tony Cox was soothing me with his mellow vibes that are as far away from heavy metal as I am from Jozi. Innocently sitting in my cosy room in this wonderful B&B, I decide to use the bathroom. After washing my hands and immediately receiving a bout of frostbite on my poor fingers, I proceed towards the towel hanging on the rail. A normal person grabs a bit of the towel, wipes of the excess water and replaces the towel in its former position. I did this, well most of it. I grabbed a bit of towel, wiped of the excess water then BAM! A miniature dust cloud erupts gently caressing my nostrils with the sweet smell of plaster. I look at the towel railing and alas, I have the two towels and two metal poles in my hand. The wall now shows off its new hole and the floor is littered with the metal railing and some plaster. I’m in shock – seems that half my holiday budget will be used to fix a wall. Alas, the lady running the B&B told me not to worry about it. Nice lady. Anyway, the following morning whilst showering, the cover of the cold water tap came off pretty easily although I know this has happened to the covers I use at home. Shoddy build quality has reached the southern Free State – pity.