Warped food – good for the soul

I’ve mentioned the famous pub in the middle of Kimberley town known as The Half. Since being an epicentre of the diamond rush, it has built itself on this heritage. The pub is filled with memorabilia from years gone by – I actually think a lot of these are original prints rather than like the replicas that adorn pub walls all over the world. My first night in Kimberley was way too much a blur for me to remember much about the bar. We returned to it at lunch time, this time to partake in their magnificent cuisine.

As is the case, wherever I go, there are no vegetarian options whatsoever. People are carnivores. The whole omnivore story is the biggest farce in history. Anyway, my only option was a Margherita pizza (this time, WITHOUT any meat) with a selection of toppings. I added olives and mushrooms. Kershen loaded his pizza with bacon and well, the third choice was rather interesting.

Have you ever been to a pizza place, looked at the menu, realised that every optional topping is too mouth-watering to be left of the pizza and then you order just a single extra topping instead of all? Off course this has happened to you! We didn’t do that. We ordered a pizza with everything. I lie – we left out the bananas and anchovies. Bananas are meant for runners and sundaes. Anchovies don’t exist in South Africa. So actually, it did have EVERYTHING!

The bartender was pretty pleasant as well. That’s what my friends said. She forced a draft and jagermeister down my throat. Do note that this was the first meal of the day. Also note that this occurred before the meal was ready. The joys of being a foreigner! I don’t really like drinking beer with food. It works with some foods but not with pizza. Yeah, I’m weird. Lol. After making fun of me for not drinking my beer, the waitress brought me a strawberry milkshake. In keeping with the theme of the day namely, getting me drunk really quick, she added a shot or three of strawberry liqueur to the milkshake. It tasted pretty good. Anyway, only a piece of the pizza was finished at The Half. I think the pizza lasted around three days! Good times 🙂

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