Day 44: Please send those Bags up to Room 16

Probably the most important part of staying away from home for extended periods of time is the lodging. Staying in a place that you do dislike for valid reason could make the whole experience rather uncomfortable. Then again, what constitutes comfortable is a whole other cup of tea – when the place has all the basics creature comforts, one should be happy with it especially if you are staying and eating for free! Then again, there are others who always find fault and complain about basically everything. I obviously did encounter that type of person and so have you a few blogs ago. Anyway, said person was removed from the guesthouse that we stayed at so I guess all ended quite well! Anyway, the guesthouse that I stayed at was the Klein Bosveld Guesthouse – very homely establishment and the stay was rather enjoyable. It had modern conveniences like WiFi (thank God!) and it looked pretty too! Here are some pictures.

This is the main reception building. We had our breakfast and supper there. Both were buffet type meals and I found one of the most awesome breakfast combos! What you do is toast your bread (I prefer white), then whilst it is hot, butter it and put some grated cheese on top. Then take some avocado, slice it thinly and place it on top of the grated cheese. Then you eat it. You are welcome to admire it but that might constitute playing with your food. I ate that almost every morning and the odd thing – I’m not a fan of avocado! Anyway, another feature was they always had two jugs of juice left out for both breakfast and supper. I have a weird liking for juice.

Just some views of the buildings that house the rooms. As you can see, we did go in winter seeing that the tree was a bit naked. I stayed in the building behind the tree.

Aaaah, my room; my lovely room and as you can see, King Size bed! Booyah! Although I didn’t require the entire monstrosity of a bed, it did come in handy when I kept my laptop in one corner, my clothes on the other and the pies from the Sasol down the road (both of them…depending on the night!) under the electric blanket on the other end. The plug-points were stationed behind my bed and were normally used for the bedside lamps and electric blanket and the rather useless panel heater on the wall. I ended up plugging in maybe two additional double adapters to cater for my external hard drive plug, cellular phone plug (both of them!), power cable for the laptop, the panel heater and the electric blanket. I also learnt that water makes a real good heatsink, though seeing that I spend so much time at a Power Station that releases tonnes of steam into the atmosphere every second, this should have been apparent!

In hindsight, taking a picture that looks cool rather than one that shows the contents of a room wasn’t the best idea. This was taken in the clubhouse which had this moerse enormous TV, an honesty bar, pool table and a dartboard. The toilet seat in the loo was the funkiest I’ve ever seen ever – a hardened, clear resin with nuts, bolts and nails embedded in it. The honesty bar worked on the principle that the guests would help themselves to the alcohol but write down what they take on a list and at the end of the month or end of your stay, you settle the bill. Anyway, I could have shown you all of this – BUT, how cool is this vintage Coke freezer???

How cool is this dude? Anyway, so yeah, that’s a brief tour of my humble abode for the last 40 or so days and will be for around another 20.

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