Day 30: I’m not jealous, I’m just certified crazy

At last, a quick blog posted moments after the idea came through! Anyway, I was speaking to the ladies who run the Guesthouse that I’m staying at and we were discussing Skype. Skype is quite awesome but its one piece of software I’ve not used for some odd reason. I always walk into computer shops and look at the headsets but then look at the price and decide against getting it! Weird seeing that the petrol I’ve used going to the shops each time probably is more than I would have spent!

We started talking about this lady that stayed at the Guesthouse who had super jealous boyfriend. And when I say jealous, it’s on another level! This lady had Skype (I think) with her laptop that has an integrated webcam et al. When she got home from work, she had to call this guy, turn on the webcam, show him what the room looks like, and then show him the time. She would then have a bath, whilst the webcam is still on, and then she’d get out, dress up, speak to him and go for supper then come back, show him the time and then log off before she goes to bed. I’m guessing the guy called her after she logged off and got into bed though just to check that she wasn’t thinking about thinking about some other guy.

I don’t know about what others say, but I’d call that a tad bit obsessive. Jealousy is something that happens and everyone experiences whether they want to or not. A little bit of jealousy is good for a relationship I think! I put stress on the “little bit” part. But I can’t understand where the absolute lack of trust comes from. Sure, somebody might have left you or three of your past ex’s cheated on you but that doesn’t mean that the next relationship you have must have the police warden – criminal relationship. Is it really a relationship when the other person completely surrenders their life to you? And worse, why do people stay in relationships like this when everything they’ve done in life amounts now to nothing because they now have surrendered every aspect of their life to someone else? Maybe some people actually enjoy this level of control – by being all obedient, it keeps them happy due to the controlling person giving them something to make that relationship worthwhile. I just wonder whether these people can actually see that there are others out there that most likely could love them more but without the house arrest element. And then the classic line: “Because we are in love,” is used, which is impossible to argue against without the help of a strategically placed sledgehammer to the head. It comes down to the whole self-management thing at the end – do the little analysis and see if the behaviour is constructive or destructive and if it’s found to be destructive, you need to WANT to change in order to change. Oh well, I hope I don’t get into a relationship like that!

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