Day 5: Torch of Zondor

Behold the citadel of Zimaya and shower unto us the power bequeathed upon the Torch of Zondor. It will be our protection and symbol of righteousness.

I sometimes wonder about my imagination and why it makes up such insane stories. Then again, it sucks because it can’t construct a Tolkienesque style mythology. I should read more.

I wrote a test earlier today on the whole self management course. It was the first time I had studied in 13 months. It’s amazing how you forget how to study so quickly. Old habits never fade as I ended up playing three games of pool and watching the arbest things on television, I have said to myself that this course would be a beacon for me telling me what is the status of my studying ability and how to continue with my education from this point forward. The coincidental bit lies in the fact that around 20 pages of the workbook was dedicated to career planning!

That paragraph was very disjointed!

Anyway, the test went pretty well – all six parts of it! Part of the assessment was based on the career planner and the way you answered it. The first comment, though, is that it struck me that these people who were going to mark the tests would need to be, well, in lieu of a better word, different. In my experiences of life, you get the factual based testing where what you write is either correct or incorrect. Then you get the mathematical model where it is correct or incorrect but the result depends on the method as well. You also get the type that I experienced in the Human Science elective I did which was basically how I interpreted the facts and portrayed it to the marker. Well, being a self management course, the answers were “personal” and, seemed to be the type which didn’t have a right or wrong answer to them. So, how does this get marked? Do these markers have a relative to the Babelfish that they sick into your ear which reads your mind? That would be a good method actually – stick a little transmitter onto said fish and voila, they know exactly what they need to know! Anyway, the emotive responses were quite amazing in that you were forced to think about yourself and what you wrote down, and the way you wrote it, would obviously say a lot about who and what you are.

What also struck me was that even though this course sat on the boundaries of conventional learning and a new, adapted learning method, the final result relied on a the antiquated testing method which requires a pass mark. It makes me think of the Top Gear episode where they test the new Ford GT50 which has all the modern electronics and cutting-edge, performance-tweaked mechanical components, yet has the suspension of a car from the 50s. Simple logic would tell you that it is just daft. Then again, democracy is not the ideal political system but it’s used because it’s the best option available. I guess just time will tell and maybe in a few years, an epiphany will occur that will turn the world of performance evaluation on its head.

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